LEADERSHIP OF THE NOW/PATH OF SELF MASTERY   with Micheline Bogey  Quantum Shaman Healer, Spirit Channel & Metaphysical Teacher                                         September 17th 2017                                              Spiritual Law of Resonance/ Harmonizing your Soul Song   “What is in the All is in the One, and what is in the One is in the All.” 

“In Third Dimensional reality you see yourself as a separate entity in comparison to other people and the Universe. In Fourth Dimensional Reality, comparison and judgment still exist however with more ‘spiritual’ themes. As consciousness begins to awaken even further, the ego drops and judgments begin to fade away. You realize that the darkness of the world is a direct reflection of the shadow that still exists inside of you. You no longer try to change the world, but rather begin to heal yourself. The love that grows within begins to translate into compassion and understanding for the external world.” Archangel Michael.                                  In this workshop, you will explore the Dynamics of 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensional perceptions of Self to awaken to the Living Master that you are. You will examine the 4 Survival Archetypes to heal your fragmented selves and harmonize your Soul Song. With a partner, you will implement the Law of Resonance to shift life patterns imprinted within their body and raise its frequency.

This workshop will be recorded. CD’s of classes are available.                                  Micheline offers 1h private Quantum Healing sessions in the afternoon (same place). Call or e-mail to reserve a private session.                                                                                    Micheline specializes in Spiritual Channeled Guidance with the Beings of Light, Ascended Masters and others. She performs Shamanic Healing and Matrix Transformation . She guides you in a clear alignment of your soul’s purpose with your personal Path of Mastery to create a spiritual alliance within a creative, joyous and fulfilled life.

FEE: $85         PLACE: 2604 Etna St. Berkeley CA 94704                                           INFO: (510) 843-9851