We live in extraordinary times. We are in a cycle of the Age of Aquarius, the age of the Ray of transmutation, transcendence and magnetization. Rapid vibrations rise; they are drawn to the realms of Light. Slower or heavier vibrations sink and stay in the atmosphere of Earth. That is why the perfection of the Realms of Light/ Source must be drawn down here, and in order to do that there must be a magnetic center, a magnetization which it is drawn and then radiated out.

YOU, as an individual and WE, as groups are this magnetic center that anchors and radiates the Light of Consciousness, of unconditional Love and Wisdom. In order to respond to that call, we are reawakening our consciousness, our memory and our abilities to exist in higher dimensions. As the Shaman, we develop a special relationship with the Spirits and interact with their guidance in order to heal ourselves and share these gifts with others.

Our original signature– who we are beyond what we know- represents wholeness, creativity, abundance of love and wisdom, empowered knowing and magical being.  We have the power to draw and receive Light, to embody and manifest joy and freedom and to serve the Greater Good of All through our limitless creativity.

Because we are the core of this magnificent potential of creation, we can heal, restore, recreate and reconnect with all that we are. I invite you to release the old forms, beliefs and suffering that you carry so you may transmute {change}, transcend {heal} and magnetize {manifest} the truth of your soul’s purpose and the joy of your loving heart.

Hi Micheline, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing healing today…I feel so connected and whole and so much less angry!  My soul feels like it can finally rest in the knowing that I am safe and supported and loved!!!! You have changed my life in so many ways since I met you 3 years ago!  I am so grateful to you for guiding me, healing me and accepting me as part of your circle of light- you are truly a gift!”  Jennifer N.

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