LEADERSHIP OF THE NOW/ PATH OF SELF MASTERY             images-1                              with Micheline Bogey Spirit Channel                     Shaman Healer – Metaphysical Teacher

CREATING A NEW REALITY AS SELF MASTER          “In order to become a Self Master, you must be Self Determined, Self Conditioned, Self Aware and Soul Conscious.” Archangel Michael                                                                               

 In this year 2017, I would like to offer a training to originate a new paradigm where your Leadership abilities guided by your Intuitive Self create the physical manifestation matching your highest vibrations. You will explore Universal Laws and their manifestation as Spiritual Laws in your physical reality. In these limitless fields of potential, Time travel, Cellular consciousness transformation, Karmic completion, designing Healing Templates, Collapsing duality, Shamanic journeys and more will help you transcend the limitations of your self identity and will propel you to tap and create within the Physics of Miracles. In that field of expansion, the clear knowing of your Soul will guide and align your mind, heart and deeds fearlessly, in integrity and truth. Looking forward to meet you in the Greater Field of Light, Love and Probabilities of Conscious creation.     Micheline Light Weaver                                                            

Each class builds on each other and can be taken separately or as a full training.                                                                                                                              

CLASS 1- JANUARY 22nd 2017                                                                         Becoming a Spiritual Leader/Forgiveness and Non-Judgment                  In this workshop, you will explore the principles and Archetypal Energies of a Spiritual Leader. You will delve into the power of Forgiveness to free your emotional and mental bodies. You will journey to the Temple of Forgiveness where you will release your nemesis. You will meet your Leadership Archetype to help you restore your personal power as the Leader and Builder of your unique expression in service to All.

CLASS 2- FEBRUARY 26th 2017                                                                           Esoteric Functions of the Elementals                                                         In this workshop, you will learn the esoteric functions of the Five Great Elementals and their application through the 4 bodies. You will journey to meet your adversaries of the Elementals and transform them into your Allies. You will work with a partner to balance and harmonize their Elemental Energy Body.

CLASS 3- MARCH 19th 2017                                                                           Becoming a conscious channel/ Communicating within multi-dimensions                                                                                                             In this workshop, we will explore the differences between psychic, medium, conscious channel and trance channel abilities. You will practice exercises to open your channeling skills. You will journey to meet your Teacher/Spirit Guide to help you access your magic as conscious channel and co-creator of your dreams. You will perform healing on a partner to help clear their doubts/obstacles and enhance their communication with the Higher Realms.

CLASS 4- APRIL 16th 2017                                                                                                      Law of Manifestation/Building Bridge of Light                                          In this workshop, you will study the principles of the “Universal Law of Manifestation” and its reflections as “Spiritual Law of Attraction.” You will journey to discover why you step back from your magic, why you aren’t willing to stand in your power and be responsible for manifesting what you truly want. You will create your pyramid of Light where you will invite your Spirit Guide/Master Teacher to create healing and integration of the magic of manifestation for a partner.

CLASS 5- MAY 21st 2017                                                                                             The Threefold Flame/Portal of Sacred heart                                                 In this workshop, you will explore the realm of the Causal Body. You will journey to connect and integrate facets of your Higher Self to help merge your Soul with your Causal body. You will delve into the Threefold Flame of your Heart Chakra. You will journey to ignite and balance its Higher Frequencies of Will, Love and Intelligence.

BERKELEY WORKSHOPS SCHEDULE 2017  Workshop Registration                                JAN 22nd – FEB 26th – MAR 19th – APR 16th – MAY 21st – JUN 18th –       AUG 23rd – SEP 13TH – OCT 11th – NOV 15th – DEC 6th

DAVIS WORKSHOPS SCHEDULE 2017  Workshop Registration             Jan 8th – Feb 12th – March 5th– Apr 2nd– May 7th – June 4th



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