with Micheline Bogey Spirit Channel, Shaman Healer Metaphysical Teacher

Dear All, after a 9 months’ leave of absence from teaching, I realized, in these tumultuous times, that it is truly imperative, for those of us who chose that path, to truly awaken to living our truth and trusting our inner self. It is not about searching for understanding- that is still a personal perception of the ego. It is to give ourselves the opportunity to develop a peaceful, loving heart and a clear, centered mind where a conscious perception guides our choices to change our relationship with ourselves and the world around us, and develop a deep gratitude for the extraordinary gift of sharing this journey of evolution as human beings. Within that knowing, our intuitive wisdom, innate creativity and self-love allow our cooperation and co-creation with all kingdoms- natural environment, non-physical worlds and spiritual dimensions- to blossom.

“A shift in perspective makes the particles in your universe dance to new possibilities.” Annie Kagan

As a Shamanic Healer, Spirit Channel and Metaphysical Teacher, we will use these different approaches to explore your personal journey and to create a group soul supporting one another.

By developing a relationship of conscious co-creation and trust with the Upper World (super conscious)-Higher Self, the Angelic beings, the Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides- the Middle World (conscious, subconscious)-your physical reality- Devas Spirits, Elementals- and the Lower World (unconscious)- Power Animals- Karmic contracts- you will recognize the Divine process at work within you and energize your highest potentials.

You are the Shamans, the Magicians, the Masters on your Mastery’s path. Thank you for reclaiming your entrusted selves and creating a happier and a more grateful world. Holding you in Love and Light.

Micheline/ Light Weaver

BERKELEY WORKSHOPS SCHEDULE (3 months) 2018  Workshop Registration                     OCT 21st  – NOV 18th – DEC 16th 

DAVIS WORKSHOPS SCHEDULE (3 months) 2018  Workshop Registration                                                         OCT 7th- NOV 11th- Dec 2nd      



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