Phone Session/Absentee Healing

                                                            Phone session

This is s one hour reading/healing session that happens by phone or Skype. During this session, we have an interactive dialogue that allows you to ask questions and explore issues related to health, finances, family, creativity, unfinished past connections etc.  We can also explore your future and what you want to create.  The session is recorded for your benefit and a MP3 recording is mailed to you after the session.

Contact us at     (510) 843-9851

                                                          Absentee healing

Performing Spiritual/ Shamanic reading and Energy Healing at a distance. You can participate in the session by sitting quietly, or by lying down and receiving the energy and healing while the session is happening. However you can also go on with your day while the session is happening. I will journey astrally and find your bodies of light and information. Through Higher guidance, I will convey the information and perform healing on your etheric bodies. The session will be recorded for your benefit and a CD will be mailed to you. Later on, if you have any questions about the reading, you can email or call me and I will make sure to respond in a timely manner.

Micheline travels astrally to any place and can work on a person anywhere on the globe.

Contact us at     (510) 843-9851