Tarot Classes


The science of the Tarot is based on the principle of synchronicity, an underlying principle of the universe where the timing of an event or change in one’s life is in alignment with one’s Higher Guidance. When using the guidance of the Tarot, know that the questions asked are answered by your Higher Self.

Working with the Tarot Divination, you will develop a relationship with the Archetypes creating the blueprint of your journey. In working with Numerology, you will discover the Blueprint of your Soul, your unique numeral matrix. Numbers are sacred symbols containing energy and information relating to us the opportunities that we have chosen to explore in this lifetime. In the classes you will learn how  your personal numerology reveals the Archetypal energies available to you on your life’s Path. Each archetype represents an aspect of pure consciousness and reflects qualities and gifts that you choose to experience and embody in this lifetime. When the lessons of a specific archetype are learned, the Spirit reaches to the next archetype for its evolution.

In these classes you will uncover the wisdom and powers of the Blueprint of your Soul through the following 7 archetypes: Life- Integrated Self- Soul- Personality-Mastery- Karma and Destiny. This information is also used as part of the Matrix/Shamanic individual reading.

Micheline’s knowledge and thoughtful interpretations of the Tarot are shared with the loving support she shows to all her students. Her emphasis on the integration of the spiritual, psychic, emotional and physical gives the classes a practical, yet enlightened, awareness of the lessons you are learning, or need to learn, in this lifetime. Through these classes I have gained real insight into my own life — past, present and future. I recommend them for anyone who wants to gain a better sense of Self.”                                 Jean K.


For more info and to register contact us at  mbogey16@yahoo.com (510) 843-9851