Matrix/Shamanic Healing

Spiritual Channeling

Channeled guidance from Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Spirit guides with hands on healing.This reading/healing helps resolve past lives and present wounds, allowing the individual to remember their Soul’s purpose and gain insight in manifesting their dreams.

Shamanic/Matrix Healing

Spiritual and medical practice that accesses the Soul knowledge and the energy Matrix of an individual. Micheline incorporates the following modalities: Soul Agreement- Past Life reading- Cellular Healing and reactivation- Akashic Records- Soul Retrieval- Extraction- Healing with Power Animals, Plant Spirit Medicine, Crystals and Gemstones Allies.

Vibrational Healing

This modality uses sounds, colors and holographic vibrations. It helps to clear, harmonize and strengthen the auric field and the chakras/ energy vortices in the body.

Testimonials:  In 2000, when I came to see Micheline, I was diagnosed with a tumor in the throat. Micheline helped me face my fears and stand in my truth, supporting my choice not to have a surgery. Since then she has manifested multiple healings over my body, my mind and my spirit.    Magali N.                                                                                                                       Wow what a session Micheline I can’t even tell you how different I feel. I feel light and beautiful and perfect and this trust is resonating through my whole body. Thank you so much for such a gift.    Karen W.                                                “Micheline thank you very much for the healing session. I felt very comfortable with you and confident in your presence and your heart knowledge. You brought clarity and confidence that I really needed. There is something engaging about your presence that I think is beyond your words that I can’t quite articulate yet…it’s as if the words themselves are the concept but your speaking of them through your soul and body has a capacity to activate the intention of the words. Very beautiful!”      Jill H.

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