Shamanic/Matrix Classes

 photo 4Micheline teaches a monthly class in Berkeley CA. with a group size of 8 to 15 students. Check information posted on the website and Facebook to locate an upcoming class.

The purpose of each class is to bring a profound shift of consciousness to each participant, allowing new possibilities to emerge in their personal lives. A new paradigm emerges where a spiritual communication/information exchange is received and a new resonant field of limitless possibilities comes to light. Each class is complete in itself and can be taken on its own or as part of a series. The power and united intent of the group creates a protected environment where each participant can release, express, transform and become who they truly are.

The content of the Shamanic/Matrix classes is a combination of spiritual guided information and a specific topic lecture. There is a Q&A through which we process and clarify the information. Then we use guided Shamanic journeys, Shamanic Healing, Matrix transformation activities to allow the changes necessary in every participant. We perform individual healing, partnership healing and group healing.

Shamanism is a spiritual and healing practice that accesses the Soul knowledge and the energy Matrix of an individual. Matrix consciousness reveals the discovery that at the roots of reality there is an interconnecting, informational and intelligent cosmic field interacting and co-creating with every aspect of physical reality.

Testimonials:  “Attending classes with Micheline expanded my consciousness and changed my thinking, making a positive difference in my every-day life.”   Dr. Tomasky

“Michelines’s workshops are incredibly powerful!  Micheline embodies joy. Her positive energy literally radiates out, drawing everyone in her workshops into a space for truly accomplishing inner shifts.  There are breakthroughs for each and every person. The way she shares her wisdom and understanding inspires us all to truly move forward in our lives.  I am grateful for all the healing.”   Jaime K.

“Micheline, what a beautiful gathering yesterday! The journeys were inspiring, and it was amazing to see the magic working for each of us. I felt that the subject matter was chosen specifically for me, but know that most of the participants felt the same way. I left feeling uplifted and inspired.”   Cynthia T.

“Your workshop today was very powerful for me. I feel like I am taking away a deep alignment with my self and my power. I am grateful for the sharing of your wisdom and the healing. Thank you for inviting us to create that space.”               Kendra B.

Micheline, it was heaven to be with you today. The workshop was incredible. Thank you. Rachael B. 

For more info and to register contact us at     (510) 843-9851