About US

 Micheline Bogey is a Spiritual Channel,  Shamanic healer and an instructor of Metaphysics. She is a bridge that connects the limitless possibilities of non-physical worlds to this physical manifest world. Her commitment is to encourage and support you to gain clarity of your life’s purpose and manifest your greatest potential.

In 1986 Micheline consciously chose to develop her intuitive perception and channeling skills with the desire to help others build self-confidence in creating the reality they yearned for. She lived with a Cherokee Shaman for 5 years and continued her apprenticeship in Core Shamanism (Shamanism including traditional and contemporary teachings and practices) for 10 years.

Micheline Bogey graduated from the Acupressure institute in Berkeley, CA, in 1996. She also trained in crystals therapy, flower essences, color spectrum healing, divinatory systems as Tarot reading and Numerology, and Matrix healing. In 1996 she established her practice of holistic healing in Berkeley, CA. She has done radio and television shows on spiritual topics in the US and Brazil. She teaches seminars and workshops across the country. Micheline offers her healing/teachings in English, French and Spanish.

Contact us at    mbogey16@yahoo.com     (510) 843-9851

“Seems to me Micheline that this is what you are doing for me.”  Jill H.
When Micheline the jaguar bounds into your reality 
she is asking you to go within, to release your fears, 
to heal your emotions and to awaken your inner sight. 
When you come out of retreat, the jaguar will be there 
awaiting you. 
If you choose to follow her lead,
she will guide you into the underworld where 
the secrets of life and creation are to be found.