LEADERSHIP OF THE NOW/ PATH OF SELF MASTERY             images-1                              with Micheline Bogey Spirit Channel                     Shaman Healer – Metaphysical Teacher

CREATING A NEW REALITY AS SELF MASTER Dear Clients, Students, Teachers and Friends, as we enter this new year of 2017/10/1, we are becoming more conscious of the force guiding us to reclaim our Self-mastery and the ability to create things of beauty and harmony in accordance with our Soul’s purpose. By choosing to evolve and expand within the flow of Grace and Gratitude, we can refine the karmic causes we are presently creating and harvest the healing of the fragmented parts of our Self. Striving for a restorative connection between the mental, emotional and physical bodies, we align ourselves to receive the Soul’s frequencies of loving guidance and the insightful wisdom of the planes of intuition. Understanding our personal journey of expansion is to be fully present and empowered in our choices.     We must, however, decide what we want to generate within our new world, and discern and be willing to leave behind our past identifications. It requires a new paradigm where we step through a Portal of Quantum possibilities into new beginnings as conscious leaders. 

We invite you to explore and own your channeling gifts, your ability to heal yourself, your skills to communicate and co-create with other realms-Shamanic Realms, Mineral, Devic, Elemental, Animal and Crystal Realms, Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Council of the White Light, Galactic Realms and Beyond, and manifest the Self Mastery of your joyful aspiration. By connecting and reclaiming the extraordinary in you, you will embrace your greatest potential and vibrate your Light of Spirit into a jubilant, graceful, loving and awakened human being within all Kingdoms.                   Thank you for your commitment to love and cherish you, to live in self-awareness, to trust and empower the authority of your purpose and to be the torch-bearers of the New Age of Tomorrow. Holding you in Blessed Love.                                 Micheline Light Weaver

BERKELEY WORKSHOPS SCHEDULE 2017  Workshop Registration               JAN 22nd – FEB 26th – MAR 19th – APR 16th – MAY 21st – JUN 18th – AUG 27th- SEP 17th- OCT 15th- NOV 19th- DEC 17th
DAVIS WORKSHOPS SCHEDULE 2017  Workshop Registration          JAN 8th – FEB 12th – MAR 5th – APR 2nd – MAY 7th – JUN 4th –

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